Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peach & Passionfruit Struesel Cupcakes

Kurang Manis.

Perfect Holiday Guilt-free Treat for the family...

Especially for the one getting married =P 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It may rain in Spain, but here in Levain it wouldn't.

Happy New Year! I know I'm a few weeks late for this. 

I've entered a new phase of life which has been an interesting ride. Still adapting to everything with this new venture of life,  hence the absence of updates on this blog. Something a close friend said to me just got me thinking "hmm.. maybe I should blog again.!" So, I'll try now to keep this blog alive ;) 

It has been a long time since I've gone all out just to try out new delicacies...

TODAY,  I had the opportunity to lunch at  this massive bungalow-cafe-pastry shop hidden in the midst of busy KL.

Lavien, is its name. :) 

Fling open the brazen doors, and you will find.... 

A MASSIVE crowd (almost equaivalent to a scene in Sg. Wang) at the counter waiting in line with trays of  piping hot pastries!

(You grab the freshly baked goodness at your left )

I've super sensitive eyes.
Once these eyes detect a bustling crowd, they automatically shift focus to a less congested sight.

Hence this is what my eyes led me to...

And they sent a message to the brain saying:
Ahhh......  :)

While waiting for our food to arrive, I took out the pastries purchased earlier at the counter, and laid them one by one on the table... 

The uncle next to my table ( who became instant friends with my dad after " Hey, you look familiar, are you in a regular in **** club?)  questioned my action, which my dad laughed off saying " nowadays they just want to upload these unto FB" 

Well, he was wrong. I did it for this blog ;) 

Ignoring the fact that the uncle might be raising his eyebrow, I snapped this out: 

Pretty sight huh?
They came in various shapes, sizes and  names like Baumkechen and Red Bean Donut. 

Was too impatient for the main meals to arrive, and started munching on the goodies above.

The pastries are to die for. 

Take my word for it.

Having no time to let the guilt of pastry-indulging wear off, the mains HAD to arrive.

And it got me all exited again! =P 

Seafood Pasta.

Beef Aglio Pasta

Mushroom Soup
(generous portions of mushrooms were thrown in this creamy bowl, BUT,
ajinomoto a tad too much?)

 Almond Croissant 

 This was FOC. 

It all began when the new friend my dad made and his wife started engaging us in conversation and suddenly it seemed like we were old-time-family friends!! Haha.

The food they ordered were MIA due to a system break down at the counter, so the staff compensated the couple's waiting time with a free almond croissant, which she ( to our surprise ) decided to share halve of it with us - her new friends! Woots!

Funny it may seem, but little things like this do make by day. Well, really, how often do you get free food from a stranger/ friend you made for 10mins ? :)

If you've a sweet tooth just like I do or you literally live on bread alone, then do drop by this little haven to satisfy your carb/sugar cravings. Croissants and breads are must tries!

* Disclaimer: All food displayed were shared and savored by four, and not one alone.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The CheeseCake Pop Challenge!

I've always wanted to make a batch of these : 

by this dessert goddess that goes by the name of bakerella

but i never ever could find any LOLLIPOP STICKS that she uses! 

i searched high and low. even considered purchasing them over ebay once..
 but i reckoned the ugly stepsister of snow white - bamboo skewers, could erm be a fair enough substitute. 

so i made peace with myself.. and overlook the fact that bamboo skewers....
although aren't as pretty, smooth nor as porcelain-white as the lollipop sticks 
could make me...

Cheesecake Pops! 

(still find the sticks a lil irritating)

they are called cheesecake pops because, a bite into them reveals the magnificent cheesecake! 

just roll up cheesecake balls and dunk them in chocolate

tried them with japanese cheesecake cause i was just too lazy to make me own.. ;)

sprinkle the chocolate glaze with any nut/shavings/sprinkles of your choice =) 

recipe's available here

the skewers got so annoying that i chopped them all halved the size! 

yay! now at least they look cuter.. hehehe

anyone know where i can get Lollipop Sticks locally??? 

i will be eternally grateful if you do! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Did you know that things stumbled along the way,  could be the best things that could ever happen to you?

I stumbled upon this lil cafe one fine day...

cozy. comfort food. tonnes of pastries. mini tarts that comes with each set meal. erm florist.  

tell me.. ain't that the best already? 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life Unexpected

just the other day...

as i was baking macaroons in FB's Baking Life..

my aunt knocked on the door, and presented this ... 


and they were multi-coloured like the ones in the game!

my mum added nonchalantly: "maybe you should start making money in games"